Patient Blood Management Case Report No. 1: The importance of preoperative evaluation of hemostasis and anemia

Autor: Patrick Meybohm, Kai Zacharowski

ISBN: 9783957641700

This case report describes the poor outcome of a female patient who underwent elective nephrectomy. Unfortunately, the patient was suffering from undiagnosed preoperative platelet dysfunction and anemia, although blood count and clotting were almost within normal ranges two weeks earlier at the day of preoperative assessment for anesthesia. In this respect, intensive preoperative evaluation of the coagulation system embedded in a comprehensive patient blood management (PBM) concept might have the potential to detect preoperative coagulopathy and anemia and thereby could improve clinical outcome.

About the Patient Blood Management Case Report Series

Patient Blood Management (PBM) is a multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach to improve perioperative patient care. The concept includes preoperative screening, diagnosis and treatment of anemia and hemostasis, adequate blood product utilization and blood-sparing techniques. The use of a PBM concept will be of benefit for patients, society, doctors and hospitals. The case reports in this series will provide a case-based deeper understanding of the concept.

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